Our editor is running a Half Marathon for Claire House Children's Hospice

On the 28th May 2016, on behalf of Switch on to Business, I am going to run the Liverpool ‘Rock n Roll’ Half Marathon for Claire House Children’s Hospice, to raise money for their fantastic cause.

To prepare myself for the task ahead, earlier this week Lin, Jackie and I attended a tour of Claire House Children’s Hospice in Bebington.

I have never been to a children’s hospice before, and was rather apprehensive about what I was going to see. It’s not usually what one would consider to be a place of life and laughter – more so the complete opposite.

However, the opposite is exactly what it turned out not to be! Claire House is a wonderful place, full of happy faces, warmth and joy.

Our tour guide, Lesley Fellows, Hospice to Home Manager, told us that they worked incredibly hard to encourage and sustain this positive atmosphere, to ensure that the child and their families are able to make happy memories to treasure.

What surprised me the most – and was perhaps my favourite part of the tour – was finding out about how Claire House have evolved to suit the needs of the children and young people who attend Claire House.

For example, to ensure these children and young adults continue to receive the best possible care as they grow up, Claire House have created facilities to suit young adults by providing a separate space for them to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

In what they call, ‘The Den’, there is a TV with an Xbox, a computer with internet, and even a bar where they can have a drink or two, just like any other teenager would. This meant that they were able to enjoy movies, video games and music without having to be mindful of the younger children who attend the hospice. It gives them a sense of freedom, which I know that I am guilty of taking for granted every day.

From visiting the hospice, I knew that I was running for a good cause. Nobody wants to run 13.1 miles for a mediocre reason, which is why I am thrilled to put one foot in front of the other for the children and young adults at Claire House.

However, I do need some help. Please help me by donating as much as you can to Claire House Children’s Hospice via my Just Giving page (https://www.justgiving.com/Bethany-Atkin).

With your donation, you will receive not only a sense of satisfaction from helping sustain the hospice, but you and your business will be featured in the article I will write about the half marathon in Edition 5 of Switch on to Business (print date May 2016).*

I am aiming to raise £500, but I know that we are all capable of more if we come together for this fantastic charity.

Thank you.

Bethany Atkin


*Note: donations must be made prior to the 11th April 2016 to be printed in the magazine.